UC Browser

UC Browser for Symbian

Lightweight web browser

UC Browser is a workable internet browser for Symbian.

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  • Supports multiple windows
  • Download manager
  • Shortcut keys
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn't handle images well
  • Cramped portrait view

Not bad

UC Browser is a workable internet browser for Symbian.


With browsing sites online, one of the biggest concerns is the time it takes for pages to load. UC Browser works well in quickly processing sites for quick viewing, and it actually is not the software that makes viewing a problem, it is the hardware.


UC Browser can easily reformat sites to fit the screen on various Symbian devices, but the problem is that most sites cannot easily be viewed in portrait mode and most sites have to be read in landscape view.

Supporting tabbed browsing, UC Browser is a workable browser. It is not the most full functioned browser released, but if reading text is the goal, then UC Browser is the best browser to use. It does not work well with a site including a lot of multimedia as that slows page loading down noticeably.

Simplicity is the most important trait of UC Browser. The main screen contains a simplistic layout with customizable quick tabs. Website will display differently from their desktop versions, so do not be surprised with the large visual difference in the browser.


UC Browser is a easy to use web browser that functions with a text friendly interface.

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